Our Team

Many different disciplines of tax advisory characterizes our partnership. This benefit enables us to provide comprehensive solutions to complex issues for our domestic as well as for international clients.

By performance of the long international experience of the partners in our practice, we have access to an excellent network, both nationally and internationally.

We advise and represent businesses, entrepreneurs and private individuals in all tax and business matters. Academic specialization, innovative problem-solving skill and a vast of experience and absolute discretion are the unique selling point of our consultancy work and will help you to achieve lasting success.

Fields of activity

Our advisory comprises the following services:

  • Accounting services (including payroll accounting, electronical financial accounting, general accounting and cost accounting)
  • business advice
  • business start-up advice
  • planning’s of your private property
  • scheduling of financial strategies
  • tax review of contracts
  • advice on achieving legal certainty for far-reaching business decisions by requesting binding information from the tax authorities or negotiating a factual agreement with the tax authorities
  • implementing multi-year tax planning for companies, freelancers and private individuals, in particular, gift and inheritance tax planning in the course of transferring companies and assets to future generations
  • advice in special tax areas such as non-profit, donation, sponsorship and foundation law
  • preparation of annual tax returns for value-added tax (VAT), trade tax and income tax
  • review of tax assessments
  • change of tax consultants

We offer a generalist approach to consulting and are able to develop bespoke solutions to complex problems. Therefore, we provide our exclusive services and prepare your financial matters particularly with regard to your German tax declarations.

For more information about Eggeling & Partner and our services, do not hesitate to contact us.